Lady White by Gina Bovyn

A book by a teen author! Gina Bovyn is nineteen years old. Her novel, Lady White, was released last October.

The Realm’s sole purpose was to glorify the God who created them. Yet as selfishness and greed grew in the hearts of men, the Realm’s purpose was forgotten. Only the Kingdom of Linolae withstood the power of the evil one and made a stand against his lusting allies, remembering the God who always caused them to triumph. But the times grow darker and an army must arise. Only a lass worthy can lead this kingdom to victory and save the Realms from their own destruction. From the loins of a very unsuspecting maiden will she come.

Alina aer Anya, otherwise known as the White Lady, carries a sordid past as she rides with her band of men killing for the nobles’ coin. She searches for her own path in life, one without trust, without love, and without the God of her mother. But as she rides to fulfill a task for a power-hungry ruler, she finds a crossroad in her path, and her hardened heart begins to soften. Will she allow evil forebodings and her sordid past to keep her from a trusting friend and the arms of the man she loves? Or will she turn at life’s crossroad and begin her days anew? As she pens her tale in the dungeon of King Richard, only her writings and the hope of escape keep her alive.

This is the tale of how the notorious White Lady became the beloved Lady White.

From the author:
I wrote this novel to show people, especially my generation, how merciful God is and that no matter how badly you may have messed up in your past, God is there and ready to turn it all around for you and He still loves you. It's not your ordinary Christian novel, but a fantasy filled with lots of action and romance, but clean and Godly, which is why I believe teens (especially young women) would like it.

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