To Dance Once More by Sherri Wilson Johnson

TO DANCE ONCE MORE is the story of Lydia Jane Barrington, a Victorian debutante. Lydia lives on a plantation in Florida under the watchful eye of her father. She’s quite an independent young lady who does not want to fall into the trap (as she sees it) that her mother and sisters have fallen into—marriage and motherhood.

She wants to travel the world and experience life before giving her heart to a man. One day, her eyes are opened to love and no matter what, she cannot forget the blissful feeling it causes. She begins to believe that love isn’t such a bad thing after all. Then she discovers a secret that prohibits any of her dreams from ever coming true. She begins a quest to free herself and her family from a future of bondage. Hearts are broken and lives are torn apart because of Lydia’s own selfishness. Will she surrender to a call that God placed on her life and be able to experience love after all? You’ll have to read the book to find out.

Sherri Wilson Johnson is the author of TO DANCE ONCE MORE and SONG OF THE MEADOWLARK. She is from Georgia, has been married since 1988, and is a former homeschooling mom. She loves to write, read, eat ice cream, ride roller coasters and make people laugh. She loves Jesus and hopes to spread His love to the whole world through her writing.

From the author:

“TO DANCE ONCE MORE, my debut novel, is a book teens would enjoy because the main character is a sixteen year old young woman when it begins. It is set in Florida during the Victorian times when debutante balls are the highlight of society. Lydia Barrington wants to break away from the traditional role of women. She wants to explore the world and be free. She spurns love. But then she falls for the dashing Hamilton Scarbrough and feels like she has betrayed herself. One day she overhears an argument between her father and an unscrupulous businessman and learns that her future (and her love life) may not be hers to plan. She rushes to find a solution and even battles with whether or not she should give herself to Hamilton in an effort to safe herself from a future of torture. TO DANCE ONCE MORE deals with the purity of the heroine and the hero, faith, perseverance, and selflessness. Teens (and young single women) who have read my novel have told me that it has encouraged them to remain pure and to believe that waiting for God's best is much better than settling for seconds.”

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